I develop and teach different course formats (lecture courses, survey courses, advanced seminars etc.) from under- to postgraduate level. Many of my courses focus on topics related to the material culture of early China. However, I have also taught on archaeological theories and methods, heritage management and law as well as contemporary visual culture and music. A few seminars adopt a wider perspective, also covering Japan, Korea etc.

Regardless of the specific topic, my teaching always has the aim to (i) foster a sound knowledge of the subject matter, (ii) provide students with important techniques that allow them to carry out their own research and to communicate the results in an adequate way and (iii) aid the course participants in developing the basic skills needed to think critically and holistically.

In order to further strengthen my teaching competencies, I have successfully completed two certificates covering aspects such as, e.g., didactics and (alternative) methods of teaching and learning. I have ample experience of teaching in intercultural and interdisciplinary settings and am capable of teaching in German, English and Chinese.

Currently, my teaching portfolio comprises the following syllabi: